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Original Description:
Another quick break from commissions to bring you a revised design for Woona :)
This is Luna as she would be at the end of season 9 and around 1500 years old. She is 200 years younger than her sister but honestly who’s counting? Luna was born as a fraternal older twin to Asterios the prince of the stars who i have done a separate (in need of an update) post on. Luna was given jurisdiction over the Moon while her brother had a tie to the stars and in particular the constellations that decorated the sky. Her brother was later banished after an argument surrounding the perceived favoritism towards Celestia. The seeds of hatred planted in Luna’s mind by Asterios later germinated into into the catastrophe that was Nightmare moon. Upon her return from banishment Luna’s power level had dropped dramatically and as such resulted in her younger appearance, in that her mane and tail where static and not magically charged. Her relationship with Celestia was rocky to start with, she not only had to repair the emotional damages caused by the fight but also catch up and get to know her sister al over again. She didn’t feel like their was room for her in her sisters life or Equestria as a whole to start with, she didn’t feel like anyone truly got her. Until she was asked to help in the reformation of Sombra. Sombra was on the outside animalistic and power obsessed, but in the face of somepony who was not only unfazed by his outbursts but also resonated with his desire for control and admiration he began to soften. Slowly, but surely that is. To cut a long story short, they fell in love. It was never vocalized until later on down the line and even then it was horrifically awkward, but it was real. Celestia continuously tried to warn Luna off of falling in love in fear of her sister becoming pregnant and as such inevitably leaving her again. Celestia was damaged mentally by the banishment of her Sister, Brother and all but extinction of her species and as such couldn’t bare to think that her sister would eventually leave her again for good. Luna was very much are of the stipulation surrounding an Alicorn’s immortality. This being that any offspring birthed from Alicorn parents is to inherit their immortality. Despite the threat to her godhood, Luna became pregnant with Sombra’s Foal. She fared her sisters reaction and as such tried to hide her changing body but eventually she couldn’t hide it anymore. Celestia fell to her knees and sobbed uncontrollably upon realization that the talk that had been spreading amongst the guards was true. Yes a new heir was to be born but her Sister was now very slowly dying. Celestia switched between anger and sorrow, furious that her sister would do this to her but also sad that she would eventually leave her again for good, with no hope of return. Luna argued that she didn’t want to exist forever and wanted to experience love over immortality and stated that ‘Life is precious because of how fragile and fleeting it is’.
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safe2198261 artist:neighbaby19 derpibooru import1565929 princess luna120946 alicorn417154 pony1873724 g476134 alternate design6003 cloven hooves14622 curved horn10923 ethereal mane12699 female1653721 hoers4375 horn240448 mare894126 pale belly2273 profile8573 side view4094 simple background601774 solo1482782 starry mane6667 story included12438 unshorn fetlocks46256 white background183753


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