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Image imported from derpibooru
Original Description:
Whispy wanted to try something new
safe2079159 artist:rexyseven272 derpibooru import1391678 oc900102 oc only574059 oc:whispy slippers136 anthro344485 earth pony570562 plantigrade anthro46615 anthro oc37565 clothes595254 female1545842 glasses82387 kettle153 kimono (clothing)1448 kneeling12224 looking at you238660 looking back78718 looking back at you25304 looking over shoulder4744 mare834832 simple background553550 slippers1227 smiling361297 smiling at you20818 socks84674 solo1396884 standing19763 tea3593 teacup3706 teapot1342 white background166316


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@Exhumed Legume
Because there are a few genuinely good pictures with this OC but most of them are just not good enough to justify an OC that isn’t a fanfic character or has some other “point” or narrative like Anon-filly or Dyx. I can’t just hide the OC tag because that gets rid of the few good pictures, and I get so tired of hiding individual pictures. So I’ve hidden all instances of this OC posted after this august, which I dislike because it risks hiding good future pictures and I have to go into my filter with takes about a minute to load.
And yeah, I know, “A FULL MINUTE!”, it’s not a lot of work. But it feels like there are hundreds of such OCs in addition to the much worse ones.