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Image imported from derpibooru
Original Description:
Ponies and Lunar Jim characters
Rainbow Dash and Jim
Pinkie Pie and Ripple
Rarity and Eco
Spike and Rover
Twilight Sparkle and T.E.D.
Scootaloo and Skye
safe2079158 derpibooru import1391677 edit159114 pinkie pie252066 rainbow dash274085 rarity214706 scootaloo58771 spike90685 twilight sparkle348033 unicorn twilight23542 dog12089 dragon105415 earth pony570562 human199734 pegasus632929 pony1772523 robot9755 unicorn621193 g48640 arrow2661 astronaut1030 baby13453 baby dragon3219 character252 crossover69245 eco (lunar jim)2 female1545841 filly89308 foal36690 helmet14335 jim (lunar jim)3 lunar jim3 male458028 mare834831 ms paint6908 ripple (lunar jim)2 robot dog25 rover (lunar jim)2 skye (lunar jim)2 space helmet249 spacesuit1494 t.e.d.2


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Ghibelline Omnipotens
That character design looks exactly like what a crappy Pikmin knockoff on the first Xbox would have looked like.