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If you guys wanna come up with a story for this feel free
I was thinking of adding a mirror to it for Celestia to see herself in, i think it would add more to it but as of now i am to lazy to.
May be enough already but i’d like to see what any can add to it.
safe2192043 artist:ladyluna212 derpibooru import1557021 daybreaker4120 princess celestia116097 alicorn415766 pony1868466 bust82910 crying55212 curved horn10798 digital art30296 ethereal mane12568 female1647794 flowing mane3854 gem8693 glowing12010 high res64297 horn237684 horns10789 jewelry107451 mane of fire1966 mare890942 necklace30686 orange eyes1182 simple background599427 sketch85203 solo1477948 sparkles9107 starry mane6647 teary eyes6613 teeth20372 transparent background271848


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