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If you guys wanna come up with a story for this feel free
I was thinking of adding a mirror to it for Celestia to see herself in, i think it would add more to it but as of now i am to lazy to.
May be enough already but i’d like to see what any can add to it.
safe2026930 artist:ladyluna211 derpibooru import1317197 daybreaker3652 princess celestia109346 alicorn386159 pony1728514 bust75008 crying51057 curved horn8979 digital art27036 ethereal mane10842 female1500732 flowing mane3030 gem7824 glowing7775 high res53468 horn202404 horns9170 jewelry91724 mane of fire1721 mare809704 necklace26444 orange eyes842 simple background532887 sketch77493 solo1359958 sparkles6827 starry mane5884 teary eyes5742 teeth15737 transparent background249548


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