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Continuing with the room series of EqG.
safe1909087 alternate version59596 artist:ajvl151 derpibooru import1153496 applejack187666 bon bon17936 flash sentry14230 fluttershy236717 lyra heartstrings32363 microchips1420 pinkie pie238165 princess celestia104942 princess luna108965 principal celestia4085 rainbow dash258184 rarity202139 sandalwood1174 sunset shimmer72849 sweetie drops17936 twilight sparkle327657 vice principal luna2934 winona2810 dance magic1682 equestria girls230767 equestria girls (movie)7339 friendship games13908 spoiler:eqg specials5752 backpack2171 bass guitar636 bed48384 bedroom12993 blanket6496 clothes537319 detailed background5468 eyes closed112053 featured image253 humane five4269 indoors4334 musical instrument9651 open mouth185954 picture frame909 pillow21324 sleeping25944


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