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Spikeabuse has the highest! Jackabuse has the lowest! Spikeabuse truly is the best abuse!
safe1770015 applejack177954 spike81498 dragon90510 earth pony468709 pony1513470 applejack's hat9249 clothes490699 crying45125 dashabuse704 female1295117 flutterbuse575 hat91469 jackabuse235 male370129 op isn't even trying anymore231 pinkiebuse464 raribuse298 smile72 smiling271367 spikeabuse1033 teary eyes4564 twilybuse500


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Guess who's back?
It's not even hiding really, the guy hails from deviantart and was banned from derpibooru for doing this shit nonstop.

I didn't make this image, but it's nice to know you're thinking of me. Have a great night, buddy!
Anonymous #47D2
I'm shocked the others abuses aren't higher despite all the bad guys they fought like king sombre, starlight glimmer, sunset shimmer (oh wait, that was just twilight), etc.
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Anonymous #3D65
Officer Hotpants will you just shut up? Like I said before Zonai has nothing to do with you ignorant asshole. And Anonymous #CA11 like I fucking said before you two I don’t give a damn about ligma or whatever so shut up.
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