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Chrysalis Spots a Human 2/2

So Chrysalis spared the human from the bowels of her large stomach and just wanted to talk about her day to someone other than any pesky heroes. She gets to talking about past events first and moving a bit, causing her chest to jiggle around, bouncing the poor human around till he eventually falls either inside of her cleavage or mouth…which he seriously doesn't mind happening. He'll sadly be forever lost inside a place so massive if he fell in or swallowed by accident if he goes in her mouth so he'll have to bounce carefully. She later decided to keep him around, but he has to stay on her chest for a very long while.

Wait you guys didn't know? Chrysalis is the current reigning champion of the Rack-Off Competition. She's right above Celestia and Celestia is above Maud. Derpy is 4th and Fluttershy is 5th. They're incredibly heavy, even while she shrinks down to a normal size, but her powerful back can still carry them easily as if they were paper.

This Equestria is huge. The villianous, but mellow villianess will often times eat up many inhabitants far out of civilization when not needing their love energy or sge'll send some of her Changelings to capture residents and bring them to her. When they get digested and absorbed they go directly to her chest most of the time. A rare few are fortunate to have awareness only to know that they're part of her chest so they have to constantly put up with being groped by her or by others if she allows it.
questionable127415 artist:tenebrousmelancholy239 derpibooru import1119832 queen chrysalis38786 anthro301142 changeling69256 changeling queen37944 human174967 big breasts97683 blushing225640 breast jiggle18 breasts315512 digital art24083 erect nipples12855 fangs30997 female1390201 giantess5077 huge breasts45559 jiggling142 jiggling breasts9 macro13480 male402483 mega giant513 micro10376 nipple outline8481 nipple slip1243 nipples192029 nudity425540 on breast4 open mouth181605 sharp teeth6890 simple background479331 talking7513 teeth12635 text72654 throat310 tiny1437 uvula2176 wardrobe malfunction5668


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