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#MLP A Patreon reward for @HaefenZebra. They wanted an #Anthro #TwilightSparkle a few years after ascending to the throne. She hasn't had the alicorn growth spurt, but she's filled out a bit. Now she's enjoying a much coveted day off.
safe1708953 artist:baron engel2042 derpibooru import855278 twilight sparkle302159 twilight sparkle (alicorn)122887 alicorn334283 anthro264192 unguligrade anthro49330 book33384 clothes468776 coffee cup316 cup6316 digital art19312 female1245174 grayscale38835 looking at you170512 mare675147 monochrome154353 oversized clothes324 oversized shirt89 pencil drawing8182 shirt25336 simple background409035 sketch64898 smirk12245 solo1137719 t-shirt4376 traditional art117171 white background123234


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