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Original Description:

Originally posted on: August 3, 2013, 8:04 AM UTC
MLP Base 56


Download for best quality

:pointr: Credit me, *Fehlung and Hasbro
:pointr: Take your time (More then 5 minutes)
:pointr: You can change the gender and add/remove a horn and/or wings

ATTENTION: You no longer have to link back your base edit(s). If you mention me in the Deviation description [Meaning you properly credit/link my name, such as :dev soulful-bases: or :icon soulful-bases: without the spaces] I will see it thanks to the Mentions system!

Free to use if you follow the rules listed above

*Original Image: Rainbow Dash knows that she's awesomeFehlung
MLP: FiM© Hasbro*
safe1631651 artist:shiibases65 derpibooru import751430 oc638114 oc only419206 alicorn251898 pony1313092 alicorn oc24046 bald1809 base1869 eyelashes7665 female1180835 grin35665 horn144390 mare642546 rearing5412 simple background417532 smiling233379 solo1087465 transparent background194325 wings111653


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