safe1793720 artist:bluse399 part of a set13641 adagio dazzle13925 aria blaze10496 sonata dusk14379 sunset shimmer68668 equestria girls216434 bags under eyes2348 bloodshot eyes1381 blushing212512 bottle4389 clothes500155 coca-cola243 cookie3938 crying45655 doritos242 drink5179 drinking3724 eating10289 eyes closed101334 female1313884 food74956 frown24391 glare8163 grin42852 jelly beans35 junk food56 messy eating1276 pants15974 potato chips181 pringles57 runny nose133 show accurate12972 signature28788 slumber party191 smiling279052 sweatdrop3517 sweater15486 tears of joy2570 the dazzlings4660 the wandering dazzlings6 tired3370 wide eyes17974


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