Ponies of The Hidden Temple
The Paper Mane 6 were chosen to become contestants of Legends of The Hidden Temple. They must cross the moat, complete the Steps of Knowledge, play the Temple Games, and venture into the temple to find the Sapphire Stone. The choices are yours, and yours alone.
safe1982707 artist:dashiemlpfim342 artist:pirill315 artist:yoshigreenwater102 derpibooru import1258956 applejack192431 fluttershy244141 pinkie pie244268 rainbow dash265080 rarity207954 twilight sparkle336633 twilight sparkle (alicorn)137217 alicorn379076 earth pony540914 pegasus598645 pony1692031 unicorn587360 crossover67420 legends of the hidden temple10 paper pony237 sapphire statue77 vector83093


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