A dark shadow has been cast over Ponyville. Foals are vanishing from the streets, and the trail leads in only one direction: A 1,000 year old injustice, and a dilemma that will force Twilight Sparkle to choose between justice and morality.
Sometimes there are no right answers.
Sometimes not everypony can be saved.
Sometimes the more that you try to be a hero the more of a villain you become.
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safe1982917 artist:perfectblue97356 princess luna111875 twilight sparkle336674 unicorn twilight21611 alicorn379121 bat pony64585 bat pony alicorn2708 pony1692224 unicorn587459 comic:shadows of the past95 bat pony luna5 censor bar694 censored4648 comic120076 crying50154 eye reflection887 female1471200 floppy ears61642 glowing eyes13326 implied wetting66 mare793759 poop6009 race swap17889 reflection4031 royal guard9302 sad28098 toilet humor168 unnecessary censorship228 white eyes638


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