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Been meaning to do some drawings of Greta the Griffin Link from the Season Five episode: The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone. Here we see Greta getting ready for a night at the club with Gilda.
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suggestive181380 artist:baron engel2618 derpibooru import1434289 greta470 anthro351758 digitigrade anthro2755 griffon34551 g417205 bare midriff88 belly button103445 boots29389 bracer564 breasts366066 clothes606502 female1571745 grayscale47147 leather2665 leather pants100 midriff23174 monochrome175059 pants20292 pencil drawing10725 shoes52532 simple background564330 solo1417323 solo female224572 straps1024 tanktop10148 traditional art137285 white background169979


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