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Ahoy mateys, it’s the International Talk like a Pirate Day, argh! Here’s Sora from Kingdom Hearts, Twilight Sparkle and Spike the dog celebrating the pirate holiday together! It’s fun to be pirates! Happy Talk like a Pirate Day, argh!
Listen to this song: You Are a Pirate
Background used: BG Stock 11 - Emerald Beach
Vectors used: Sora [KH2] Spike the Dog Here’s Twily! (Vector #88)
safe2077631 artist:alandssparkle130 artist:matrixchicken8 artist:user154321558 derpibooru import1389503 spike90647 twilight sparkle347819 twilight sparkle (alicorn)141855 alicorn394502 dog12063 human199462 equestria girls249426 arms wide open145 beach21174 book40575 cloud39378 coin862 crossover69188 diamond1010 gemstones322 gold coins51 hand on hip10656 hat113063 holiday28968 keyblade273 kingdom hearts1121 looking at you238317 ocean10212 open mouth213230 pirate2821 pirate hat704 pirate spike2 pirate twilight84 sand3319 smiling360830 sora293 soralight8 spike the dog2949 talk like a pirate day23 treasure357 treasure chest413


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