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A moment from my Anthro MLP dreamscape. Fluttershy to stood in front of her cottage took and a sip iced coffee as she looked out at the late spring morning. The meadows around the cottage were covered in lush green grass dotted with clusters of mustard blossoms. Adding their own color to the morning numerous butterflies danced in the morning air.
The chiffon yellow mare smiled as she swirled the contents of her glass. Not only was the animal shelter doing well, but her school
“====”: had been very well received. At the moment Fluttershy had all the students she could take. In fact at the moment 3 of her students were taking a recess break. She couldn’t see them immediately but she could hear them laughing and giggling.
Today’s lessons were going very well, and now it was time to resume them again. Putting a couple of fingers in her mouth Fluttershy whistled sharply 3 times. A few seconds later the CMC came jogging into view. Fluttershy was very proud of them. They had been some of her best students. “====”: And she couldn’t help but admire the way they gracefully moved across the meadow. Fluttershy opened the front door of the cottage and then gestured for the 3 mares to come back in. Then she stepped back inside and the other mares followed her.
suggestive187477 artist:baron engel2695 derpibooru import1520185 apple bloom62045 scootaloo60507 sweetie belle58625 anthro366134 earth pony599391 pegasus665880 unguligrade anthro65071 unicorn654143 bikini25969 bikini bottom2087 breasts381083 clothes629331 collar46613 cutie mark crusaders22542 female1623989 monochrome178352 older36165 older apple bloom3151 older cmc639 older scootaloo2884 older sweetie belle3548 pencil drawing11138 running7889 shirt38826 swimsuit39681 t-shirt6646 traditional art140155 trio18165 trio female3953


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