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Original Description:
The original prompt was something like Rarity from MLP rearing in de stijl of Piet Mondrian, before clicking on the variations and refinements. Midjourney did not understand the concept of rearing or, in this image, that MLP mares have different facial structures from the stallions. Surprisingly enough, the computed did draw the legs close enough to correct (the only oops is the shading on the front right implying a biologically-improbably rotation)
safe1982707 derpibooru import1258956 machine learning generated4621 elusive1281 rarity207954 pony1692031 unicorn587360 angular40 colored hooves8191 de stijl5 gradient background19794 male432100 midjourney65 modern art1532 piet mondrian9 raised tail20177 rule 6330765 simple background516153 solo1329278 tail61482 unintentional rule 631


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