Shared shame
There is a say that goes: “Shame feels less when is shared between two”. Clearly who made it up, had no idea what he was talking about.Because if there is one thing worse than being in your underwear at school, is being in your underwear at school IN FRONT of someone you idolize.
It doesn’t matter if that other person is also in her underwear, the feeling is just the same.
Commission done for Euf-dreamer
suggestive181447 alternate version72298 artist:excelso36363 part of a set19592 rainbow dash277683 scootaloo59407 human204284 equestria girls253082 barefoot33547 blushing257966 canterlot high3558 clothes606783 concerned1273 embarrassed underwear exposure947 feet51309 gritted teeth16650 lockers2381 nudity491579 partial nudity27163 right there in front of me75 shoes52570 socks86559 softcore1728 underwear77294 worried5203


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