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Original Description:
Made using Pony Soup V2 and Ponymaster.
The initial gen for this image was very dark. I brightened it in GIMP by using the Dodge tool once on the whole image then running Colors > Auto > Color Enhance. After that I used crude edits + inpainting to reposition the tail and remove an incorrect cutie mark.
The original image’s PNG info is:
pinkie pie, intricate detail, countershading, vibrant cinematic lighting, fluffy, (rusty:0.7), Convoluted, Precise, trending on 500px, depth of field, pony nanopunk (rendered in maya:0.8) by F. Scott Hess Sam Spratt Greg Hildebrandt
Negative prompt: (bad anatomy compression artifacts (bitcoin:0.4) (salvador dali:0.5) CCTV surveillance sex penetration:1.2) ugly poor quality deformed (distorted:0.9) nft
Steps: 19, Sampler: Euler a, CFG scale: 9, Seed: 149219730, Size: 512x512, Model hash: f74245c872, Model: pony-soup-v2
Postprocess upscale by: 2, Postprocess upscaler: Lanczos
Postprocess upscale by: 2, Postprocess upscaler: Lanczos
safe1982917 derpibooru import1259260 machine learning generated4629 pinkie pie244279 earth pony540983 pony1692224 blushing240154 chest fluff53229 cute227554 diapinkes10836 ear fluff40635 ears30630 female1471200 grass12489 looking up20320 mare793758 missing cutie mark5292 solo1329450 stable diffusion2982


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