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Korizen Kickoff: 1/5

"A Simple Pony"

Hello! Im Korizen, Im quite new to SFM and art in general and hope to improve myself to the best of my abilities and to you guys pleasure!
Here is my OC, Kertz Schmane! A simple pony, Kertz owns a moderate house in Canterlot. Working or at home, Kertz can be usally found reading, smoking, or taking walks thought the many wonderful streets and parks of Canterlot city. He also takes pleasure in being one of the few ponies to own and use an "Autocarriage"

I will be posting both SFW and NSFW and keeping hopefully a good mix and balance of the two
I also plan on making commissions for others once I get better, I seem to really struggle with lighting so im focusing on that!
Thanks for Looking and reading about myself and art
Shoutout to @antonsfms for really helping me out with SFM! Link:


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