drew myself a birthday present as pathetic as that is lmao

it's also sort of a reference to something i did a LONG time ago
safe1937950 artist:pinkberry206 derpibooru import1194949 twist3100 earth pony525738 pony1654486 arrow2419 colored sketch3444 comparison4615 dialogue80979 doodle3788 ear fluff38854 ears27527 female1433833 filly82865 foal28916 freckles36718 glasses75205 mare774666 older31046 older twist137 open mouth191032 red mane3222 red tail288 simple background498335 sitting75843 solo1295880 talking7971 white background148136


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Anonymous #7395
Much, much better than the “canon” aged-up version. 13/10, would nonsexually have sex with.