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I’ll have mine hayperoni.  
Floorb animation.
safe1982917 artist:kid wizard31 artist:kidwizard29 derpibooru import1259260 oc845195 oc only541053 oc:anon14227 oc:floor bored648 earth pony540983 human187876 pony1692224 animated115297 coughing293 eyes on the prize6118 female1471200 food87054 frown28639 gif37145 gross296 heart61039 heart eyes20531 licking23901 looking around138 mare793758 meat2224 nose wrinkle3390 open mouth198503 pepperoni460 pepperoni pizza444 pizza2457 scrunchy face7740 smiling334925 tasting66 tongue30616 tongue out128053 wingding eyes28580


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