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Image imported from derpibooru 
Original Description:
Commission for @bdragon74
I looooooveeeee that middle oc. I was continuously swooning over the design and everything about his character design!!!!
#brony #mlpfim #commission
safe2077203 artist:inisealga519 derpibooru import1388907 prince blueblood4608 oc899115 oc:dusk blade13 oc:gear works83 bat pony69329 cyborg4782 pony1771010 unicorn620495 bat wings15047 crossover69183 folded wings12750 glowing9003 glowing eyes13966 graffiti1396 hat113033 horn208454 jewelry96419 meme90790 necklace27796 pirate hat704 techpriest97 warhammer (game)2339 warhammer 40k2243 wings196744


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