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Commission for [@bdragon74](

I looooooveeeee that middle oc. I was continuously swooning over the design and everything about his character design!!!!

#brony #mlpfim #commission
safe1909087 artist:inisealga441 derpibooru import1153496 prince blueblood4467 oc805128 oc:dusk blade10 oc:gear works49 bat pony60709 cyborg4240 pony1629736 unicorn559553 bat wings12991 crossover66025 folded wings9318 glowing4562 glowing eyes12684 graffiti1260 hat101673 horn186820 jewelry82358 meme87106 necklace24128 pirate hat640 techpriest77 warhammer (game)2202 warhammer 40k2118 wings165826


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