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Image imported from derpibooru 
Original Description:
Generated using the pony-specific Stable Diffusion model.  
The prompt used to generate it was:
lyra heartstrings with a sultry look, pony, face down, ass up, tight panties, unicorn, white hair, short skirt, teal, quadruped, suggestive, sexy, solo, highly detailed, digital painting, artstation, concept art, smooth, sharp focus, illustration, 8k
This was also slightly cleaned up by hand, as the AI insisted on giving her an extra leg.
questionable137875 derpibooru import1389503 machine learning generated9054 pony1771374 unicorn620649 blushing253032 butt104119 clothes594661 looking at you238317 looking back78648 panties61624 plot101996 presenting31502 purple background5118 raised tail21617 shirt35684 simple background552967 socks84588 solo1395861 stable diffusion4227 stockings44934 tail72734 the ass was fat17867 thigh highs49447 underwear75974


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