Trixie has eaten countless amounts of lactation cookies to show off this amazing trick!
Her teats will be at least twice their current size once all of those cookies have digested.
And she will be stuck with such endlessly gushing teats for a week, which is how long the effects of those cookies last.

Requested on art stream (Jun. 18, 2022).
questionable126286 artist:wapamario63700 trixie73348 pony1595507 unicorn544724 belly32500 belly button88335 big belly13981 big crotchboobs1736 breast milk4712 crotchboob expansion311 crotchboobs24374 crumbs303 excessive milk87 fat24653 female1375473 horn180688 huge belly5241 huge crotchboobs1220 hyper crotchboobs284 hyper lactation355 impossibly large belly12111 impossibly large crotchboobs4462 lactation6701 mare742388 milk5533 milk fountain4 nudity420256 show off42 simple background472259 solo1246019 stage3438 stuffed1848 stuffed belly317 teats8930 transparent background228144 vein4981 veiny crotchboobs93 zoomed in187


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