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Meet Divine Blessings :3

She is a pony of old mythology, said to have been encountered by the ponies of old before modern civilisation.

Divine was a spirit said to have belonged to the creator of Equestria

She had been blessed with the knowledge of almost everything in the universe, no matter how big or small it may be. However, this knowledge came at a price, blinding her and forcing her to use the eye necklace to help her "see" the world. Her creator said that her role is to be there for ponies in moments of distress or in need of help, as her presence would help them.

Divine is a very sweet and kind pony, always being there to help out others. Her voice is very soothing, helping to calm down ponies in stress, and her blood is made of liquid gold, often being turned into coins once it leaves her body.

Although she is considered mythological, many creatures today still that they have encountered her during high moments of distress. While many just chalk this up towards them imagining things due to going through a lot of trauma, it is noted that after they say they "saw" her, their situations seem to start turning around for the better…
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Anonymous #AFEE
>refers to her as "her" and "she"
>explicitly adds in pronouns
twitterniggers are a different breed
cute oc tho