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> Goths having tea
> I can't let a Friday the 13th go by without drawing goths
> including [@Lockuheart]( and [@PonyQuarantine's]( goths
safe1868245 artist:jargon scott2874 derpibooru import1095424 oc781165 oc only502296 oc:claire244 oc:kaumaha ekahi31 oc:nada phase44 earth pony501675 kirin11003 pony1595507 unicorn544724 bomb ass tea33 bust67019 choker15327 cup7103 drinking3978 ear piercing31915 earring24712 eyebrow piercing1082 female1375473 fishnets6057 goth2580 hair over eyes1329 jewelry78625 kirin oc2202 levitation12926 lip piercing1354 looking at you198762 magic80250 mare742388 nose piercing3136 nose ring2564 piercing48494 smiling301405 smiling at you10994 spiked choker2025 studded bracelet75 teacup3193 telekinesis30768 trio11298


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