Hi there sorry I have news must talking to you about this
If you don't know that please read my post…..…

I never draw some disgusting artwork!
I just enjoy draw some fanart for my friends….as cute stuff and hugs…

Message for him:
Y E S I'm talking to you Pepper _….
You're lies I'm not pedo and adult… I'M TEENAGER!!!
I've had enough of you!!!

I'm really sorry if heard I'm rude because i heard someone talking about pedo and lies….My life is ruined….
It's me very Uncomfortable…….

Someone really will care about me?…..(you think….)
And i think i will take break from DA ………
Because of him…….

Remember: I'm an teenager and only 2 months 21 days….is my birthday, I'm 16 years old soon in July 24,But very shit this person keep talking to others about bad me…….

Always that's why I'm sad……..


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Hey guys, if you want to discuss this further, please make a thread. His images comment section isn’t the place for discussion.
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She just stated a new drama on Furbooru.

Hey guys I’m a little bit back in here sorry I’m not here so much because I’m most in DA but unfortunately I’m sad…idk why….
Seriously someone (Annisa) keep harass me and others….. it’s make me hurts so much…..
I have anxiety so much and my life is messy and my heart broken 😥😥😥
I lost friends so much…. Because i really don’t know why i make big wrong and some people blocked me…(Don’t ask me why and it’s personal)…..i really don’t believe in online some people haven’t be nice to me than in irl my parents and my bestie Amy from middle school…… :CC
I’m belong quiet person and very sensitive (sensitive 80%,anger 70%,sad 80%,happy 30%)….i don’t like talking to some new people (I only talking to my BFFs)
But some people haven’t listen I said and keep harass me of no reason (i totally hate hacker,bully and harass user)
That’s why I’m not really active here…..
Plus please understand that thanks you….
If you don’t like me i don’t care but Do not comments me in rude comments okay?
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@Anonymous #1173
Oh look its a Anon Chris Chan talking gibbersh who SIMP to Muhammad Yunus in her real name is Siti Shaffiyah and Hsu Amity the both artist has no life to keep spamming all thier lolcow arts