my mane 6 redesigns! info about them below the cut!!


- doesn’t become a princess, instead becomes a very renowned sorcerer like starswirl!

- though, more renowned than him because he sucks and i don’t like him.

- though she’s not a princess, she sorta becomes a part of the royal court, but because she doesn’t become an alicorn and is never expected to move away and rule equestria, she never feels alienated from her friends.


- is more experienced in magic than show rarity

- displays generosity much more often

- besides that, not too different

-(her hair colors are definitely subject to change, they feel a bit too bright to me but i’m too tired to keep experimenting with them)


- loves to bake!! and is really good at it

- messy hair when not braided

- likes to do other ponies’ hair

- doesn’t reject femininity as much as show aj does, still a tomboy but she enjoys wearing dresses and feeling pretty sometimes

pinkie pie:

- less annoying! still annoying because annoying people are valid, myself being one but like, she’s serious when she needs to be

- adhd hyperactive type

- loves to bake as well!

- second cousins with aj, pinkie’s dad and aj’s dad were cousins

rainbow dash:

- slight mullet

- adhd distractable type (totally not a self insert)

- more tolerable than show rainbow, she’s still headstrong and a show off but she’s not self obsessed and conceited

- loves to defend her friends, protective, has self sacrificial tendencies


- incorporated a sunflower into her cutiemark to represent a love for plants as well as animals

- almost her whole backyard is a garden, she grows the food that she feeds to her animals

- weak flyer but not as weak of a flyer as in the show

- still shy but in a much more realistic way

anyway i think that’s all!! i may tweak their designs and or personalities slightly over time but i’m pretty satisfied for now!! i hope you guys like them :)
safe1889613 artist:riss-mlp16 artist:risswm80 derpibooru import1125671 part of a set15391 fluttershy234930 pegasus565782 pony1613628 alternate cutie mark1872 female1393819 flower29864 flower in hair9227 folded wings9026 hair accessory468 mare752722 redesign3056 signature32011 simple background480897 sleepy1851 smiling308136 solo1261529 spread wings67301 white background142684


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