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dilly dilly.
safe1770016 oc721863 oc:acres90 earth pony468709 human164816 pony1513470 blind975 blonde3526 blonde mane10883 blonde tail3498 brown coat1702 clothes490699 coat markings2734 corporate photo11 cowboy hat17590 ear piercing28659 earring22574 earth pony oc11821 exploitable meme33397 fan891 female1295117 irl67543 irl human26354 jewelry70981 looking at you180993 male370129 meme83810 piercing44214 poop5371 raised hoof48948 raised leg15674 saddle bag6069 smiling271367 socks (coat marking)3238 stallion121173 text65832 unshorn fetlocks28455


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Thingmas is coming
Damn right you are. We all have to find our happiness where we can, and if you don't like finding the bottom of a bottle than the bottom of the guy next to you will do just as well.