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>ywn set sail against the griffon menace literally under your gigantic, phatass princesses.
>ywn look up their naval uniform skirts and be played with all day long between engagements.
>ywn see the two of them make landfall at an enemy base, wiping it out under their gargantuan bodies as they romp about.
>ywn hear their moans for miles as they lick each other clean in the remains of the encampment.
Our navies are pretty shit
suggestive148611 artist:raps199 derpibooru import960017 princess celestia99233 princess luna103284 alicorn343881 pony1513470 battleship114 butt55774 clothes490699 dock53013 eyes closed99266 female1295117 giant pony5081 giantlestia403 macro12447 mare699499 panties52827 plot79558 praise the sun2001 recruitment13 royal sisters4606 skirt41486 socks67934 striped underwear2998 sunbutt4248 tail34371 thigh highs37502 thighs15006 thunder thighs9126 underwear63920 upskirt6086


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