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Image imported from derpibooru
Original Description:

Really enjoyed working on a concept sketch for my buddies server banner enough that I finished and colored it.

Digital version soon to follow. (I HOPE.)
suggestive145196 artist:spagootispootis16 derpibooru import886211 fluttershy219234 pegasus511622 pony1482362 bedroom eyes59907 butt51327 clothes477268 crotch bulge4511 dock51474 eyeshadow16018 female1263963 flutterbutt5165 flutternun59 futa48012 futashy4204 high res29700 intersex46161 lewd931 looking at you174407 looking back59097 looking back at you15710 makeup21953 mare684318 miniskirt4935 nun532 panties51814 plot77844 rear view13176 skirt40442 smiling259874 smiling at you4947 solo1152961 solo futa16863 tail29972 traditional art118436 underwear62462


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