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safe1732079 artist:franshushu11 oc699880 oc only452746 oc:chuckles13 earth pony455283 pony1482361 christmas13481 clothes477268 commission70932 cute198341 female1263962 hat88534 heart49299 holiday19063 love4948 positive message112 positive ponies473 santa hat5944 sign4251 signature26951 smiling259874 solo1152961 sweater14761 white pupils106


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Adan Druego
A toast - Incredibly based
Chatty Kirin - A user who has reached a combined 1000 forum posts or comments.
Fried Chicken - Attended an april fools event
Artist -
Liberty Belle - Sings the song of the unchained

Chuckles? Why did you use that many 'and's? Especially the two in a row…

People, here, like you, Acres.

*Flashing Red And Blue*
Ah!! It's the police!