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See this on Derpibooru. Agree or disagree?
safe1732080 twilight sparkle305233 twilight sparkle (alicorn)124182 alicorn337958 pony1482361 book33942 caption20148 exploitable meme33296 female1263962 hoof hold9313 horn159559 hug28669 image macro36893 looking at you174407 mare684318 meme82633 meta16863 mods23 multicolored mane42834 open mouth153853 purple coat15625 signature26951 smiling259874 solo1152961 spread wings56736 text64140 twilight's fact book221 wings130686


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On Derpi, some may, if I am being entirely honest. Just the sheer size of the site alone means that they have to deal with some truly bad people… but I think that is what feeds into what can be sometimes the semi-abusive relationships some have with the site and each other.

A real complicated question!
Anonymous #CAC2
Ponybooru: Probably yes.

Derpibooru: No. Mods there are just cowards with shitty site moderating.
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You COULD have a tux rn
Believe it or not, I rarely have to "deal" with anyone on this site. This place is chill af.

A hug would be nice tho