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I recently created a bat pony version of my blinking pony YCH! Bat ponies get the standard bat eyes, fangs, and ear fluff. There's also the option to have a horn if you have a baticorn pony. Please message me if you're interested in getting your character on this YCH!

I've attempted to make a changeling version of the blink YCH but it just doesn't look good in my opinion.

Note: the person who owns this character got this piece for free because I wanted to test out the new version. This is a paid YCH in all other circumstances.
safe1732080 artist:ponkus309 oc699880 oc:melun heart3 bat pony51360 pony1482361 bat pony oc18503 cute198341 ear fluff29798 ears10910 fangs26906 female1263963 freckles31089 looking at you174407 mare684318 slit eyes5071 smiling259874 smiling at you4947 solo1152961 ych example3357 ych result21663 your character here12289


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