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I wanted to play the Strip Game with you all, but in the process of drawing, Celestia sent her orders directly D:>

So, the orders are clear:
1. Twilight Sparkle must strenghten bonds with subjects by showing one nude part of her body
2. Part should be chosen by vote of fellow subjects

Can't disobey the orders of our beloved Princess D:>

So, the vote for fellow subjects is casted there:

Votes will be counted by the 29.07 and result will be shown upon everyone!
Lets hear it for the Princess Twilight!
suggestive143126 artist:shamziwhite207 derpibooru import855278 twilight sparkle302159 anthro264192 breasts276921 cleavage34245 clothes468776 fanart1673 female1245173 jacket12650 looking at you170512 office lady2 shirt25336 skirt39793 solo1137718 standing12059 text62597 voting52 wall of text668


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