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safe1732081 artist:galaxiedream32 artist:ichiban-iceychan151725 color edit7584 derpibooru import886211 edit132028 hitch trailblazer1237 izzy moonbow3215 pipp petals2099 sunny starscout2733 zipp storm1281 human161034 g57737 alternate hairstyle28700 bag4994 barefoot28028 blushing203241 bowl1623 box4737 bracelet9698 clothes477268 colored19640 dark skin4697 dog tags501 ear piercing27466 earring21787 feet40501 female1263963 flying38715 food71314 grin39860 humanized103386 jewelry67470 looking at each other21053 male358668 mane five (g5)436 nail polish8009 one eye closed31430 pajamas3348 pants15074 piercing42685 popcorn1536 rug656 shirt25967 shorts14292 siblings14076 simple background416947 sisters13058 sleepover357 smiling259874 socks66133 sofa8639 string282 sweatpants352 t-shirt4484 tanktop7935 transparent background203529 winged humanization8864 wings130686 wink25097


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Anonymous #EB03
Not trying to be argumentative, but this does kind of go with images that get the "blackwashing" tag, doesn't it? The downvotes seem to me to indicate a lack of enthusiasm for this subject matter.
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@Adan Druego
Your comment has been spoilered as it's rather out of place on an image like this.

Please try not to post comments like these on safe images which have nothing to do with these themes. It's unnecessary and rather uncomfortable for people who just want to enjoy cute pictures.