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Name: Esperite Essense
Gender: Male
Parents: Rarity and Spike
Siblings: Brilliance, Diamond Dust
Race: Dragon/Pony Hybrid
Special talent: (Cutiemark-less) Tailoring clothes that boost morale
Bio: (coming soooon)

i caved and drew Esper instead of Autumn Gold first lol….. anywho, this is Esperite Essense, second child of the sparity bunch. hes much larger than his older brother Brilliance, so he's mistaken for the eldest 100% of the time, which bothers Brilliance a lot lol
safe1960463 artist:daydreamdollop5 derpibooru import1226607 rarity206171 oc833155 oc:esperite essense1 dracony7903 hybrid25007 pony1673352 unicorn579253 female1452354 glasses76400 heart59481 interspecies offspring8723 kiss on the cheek2123 kissing28681 male425035 mare784452 mother and child9948 mother and son3535 nose piercing3439 nose ring2759 offspring44469 parent and child12887 parent:rarity5003 parent:spike2697 parents:sparity1804 piercing52473 simple background507135 white background150887


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