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After two years without the desire to draw, I returned to drawing again!
First draft with new tablet and fresh ideas.
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safe1982917 artist:syntiset53 derpibooru import1259260 oc845196 oc only541054 oc:pixel shield25 oc:schurl miller15 bat pony64585 pony1692224 unicorn587459 an/peq-1514 ankle boots42 anti fragmentation glasses4 armor27381 assault rifle1223 balaclava101 bat pony oc25190 bat wings13990 belt7719 blood type6 boots27080 broken horn14182 camouflage756 claws6042 clothes564441 dialogue83787 duo102773 eotech55 escape from tarkov30 eye clipping through hair9888 fangs33702 female1471200 flashlight (object)696 glasses77596 glock 1811 goggles16299 grooming853 gun18782 handgun3483 happy37763 headphones9706 helmet13364 holographic sight25 horn196821 looking at you220617 m4a1102 magpul46 male432167 medical bag8 medicine222 microphone7026 military2086 military uniform1723 oneshot36 pants18742 patch481 pistol2528 plate carrier31 pony oc857 preening1114 radio693 red dot20 rifle4536 shoes47673 simple background516264 sketch75343 smiling334925 smirk15348 solo1329451 straight159404 suppressor163 tourniquet8 unicorn oc21405 uniform13305 weapon36530 white background154240 wings179738


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