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After two years without the desire to draw, I returned to drawing again!
First draft with new tablet and fresh ideas.

{Picarto} <- Streams every day! …nearly
{Discord} <- Our Discord server

If you wish to support me, here’s my PayPal link
safe1847168 artist:syntiset43 derpibooru import1066513 oc769664 oc only495109 oc:pixel shield24 oc:schurl miller15 bat pony57512 pony1577325 unicorn537246 an/peq-1514 ankle boots32 anti fragmentation glasses4 armor25477 assault rifle1136 balaclava91 bat pony oc21763 bat wings12030 belt6746 blood type6 boots24392 broken horn13740 camouflage698 claws5423 clothes515577 dialogue75976 duo85338 eotech55 escape from tarkov28 eye clipping through hair7716 eyeglasses39 fangs29945 female1357897 flashlight (object)596 glasses71178 glock 1811 goggles15161 grooming807 gun17361 handgun3054 happy34320 headphones8808 helmet12022 holographic sight25 horn177573 looking at you195270 m4a195 magpul45 male391576 medical bag8 medicine211 microphone6137 military1901 military uniform1414 oneshot34 pants16756 patch455 pistol2267 plate carrier26 pony oc521 preening1082 radio603 red dot19 rifle4183 shoes42118 simple background463793 sketch70137 smiling295405 smirk13846 solo1231823 straight149000 suppressor152 tourniquet8 unicorn oc16005 uniform11925 weapon33403 white background137391 wings153187


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