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Page 1459 — Noh Brother
21st Nov 2020, 6:00 AM in A Canterlot Wedding, Part 2

You don't have to make everything about tackling your personal demons, Spud.

DM: You pull the torch sconce and hear a loud thunk. The stone wall across from you pulls apart… and light floods into the remains of a dark, forgotten crystal mine. It is too massive to search in the time you have left.
Rainbow Dash: Congraaaaaatulations. And it only took four of my freaking healing surges! How am I supposed to deal with the upcoming boss fight now, genius?
Rarity: Oh, like you're any stranger to burning through HP. The important thing is that we opened the way for Twilight and Cadance. Let's go back to the surface through that grate we found. Maybe leave a trail for Twilight along the way.
DM: As you come back up to the street, you find out the guards have definitely noticed the hole in the brick wall. It's being patched, and the guard is being fired.
Zephyr Breeze: To be *fair*, it was never made specifically clear to me what "guarding" actually means. So this is on you.
Fluttershy: Yeah… I've got a brother like that in real life.
DM: Oh! Do you want to make Zephyr–?
Fluttershy: No.
safe1588932 artist:newbiespud1348 derpibooru import24898 edit119908 edited screencap56551 screencap204412 fluttershy204102 rainbow dash225134 rarity174524 spike75055 zephyr breeze2105 dragon49122 pegasus249366 comic:friendship is dragons1509 brick156 cave3048 clothes419884 comic101795 costume25801 dangerous mission outfit752 detective rarity632 dialogue61063 female919506 glowing horn17129 goggles13213 hat77991 helmet9725 hiding1328 hoodie12546 hoof hold7514 horn50466 magic67287 male309916 mare421991 royal guard7137 royal guard zephyr breeze101 screencap comic4287 stallion94029 sun hat735 telekinesis25151


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