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safe1590031 artist:infrayellow92 derpibooru import26919 rainbow dash225239 human146818 pony856366 bondage31519 brainwashing391 crying40680 cultist115 drool22945 helmet9736 hypnosis3095 josh haber135 lauren faust1710 meme79012 open mouth128347 political cartoon77 ponified meme755 satire198 speech bubble21147 straight jacket4 straitjacket899 swirly eyes2128 tomboy666 window7453


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19 comments posted
Adan Druego
Liberty Belle - Sings the song of the unchained

Yes, I'm aware that their emphasis was on the fact that Pinkie had a child and Lil Cheese was just a Pinkie recolor, but they seemed to use the situation to pander to and earn points with the non-heterosexuals and their allies

Then there's Trans-Trixie, a literal production change decision that was used to indulge those pro-transgender crowds.

I hate that the new crew took an established series that was successful and didn't gave a single fuck about it, didn't even watch a single episode or care about the show's bible, and just made shit up in the way because they would face no consequences because they could just cry that bronies are rabbid nazis and that the real fans are small children, despite this show being alive at that point solely because bronies happened
Adan Druego
Liberty Belle - Sings the song of the unchained

It's for reasons such as this that I feel that lbgt and/or liberals are invading everything. They're trying to take over and replace normal people with themselves. They don't respect the wishes of those who don't want to be a part of whatever it is they're screeching on about at any given moment. If they don't respect heterosexuals, then why are we forced to respect them?

I say we stop.
Liberty Belle - Sings the song of the unchained (Cheeky Breeky)

As we all know, there are plenty of straight tomboys in the world, and assuming they are lesbian is extremely unfair to both straight and lesbian tomboys
(C) Lauren Faust

Watch the pones, just don't take S8 and S9 seriously because they're when someone let a bunch of chimps with typewriters into the studio.

@Fleur de Lis
It really says something about the quality of the characters and world that I still care, honestly. Equestria, the mane 6, all the characters built up by collective imagination, and the awesome world are far greater than some dumb new hires and their agenda at the end.

Spoilers, obviously, but in the very last episode of the show, they do a time jump with Twilight as a sole ruler with her own student. They then show the mane 6 in the future, where they have Pinkie married to Cheese Sandwich (fine, that kinda makes sense), Fluttershy is balding for some reason and living with Discord, Rarity is seemingly an old spinstress despite being the character with the most interest in romance in the entire show (quite the travesty of its own), and then they show Rainbow and AJ. They have the balls to have Rainbow and Applejack walk in together, talking about how they live together and arguing about chores, obviously implying they've somehow magically fallen in love with no hint of it over the past 9 years, because rainbows are gay and tomboys are all lesbian, and flies in the face of YEARS of the writers and Hasbro saying that none of them have or would have canon sexualities.

It's last minute shipbait nonsense, and then they went and said on Twitter that it was up to the viewer to decide whether the last episode was canon to them, because they didn't even have spines about their stupid forced agenda but still wanted to give the rabid shipping crowd something to crow over and cry homophobia about if anyone dares to say it doesn't make sense.

It's just bad on a whole new level. I never was one to dislike the show but still follow the universe, but that finale has made me fully separate the pony that I like and the product that got shoveled out.

Really struck a chord. It was bad enough when they started erasing tomboys in adult television, but they had to come for Dashie. I'll always have a sour taste in my mouth about season 9 because of it, even if they wussed out at the last second.