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I have base edited Crystal Moonshine getting ready for Christmas!

Base by Alina-Brony29

Base edited by me
safe1590031 artist:circuspaparazzi5678256 derpibooru import26919 oc607609 oc:crystal moonshine3 pegasus249716 pony856366 base used15733 christmas11413 christmas tree3300 clothes420337 collar29596 ear piercing22542 earring18559 eyeshadow13727 holiday15901 holly1488 jewelry53847 magical lesbian spawn10315 makeup18672 offspring33490 parent:rainbow dash4871 parent:twilight sparkle7109 parents:twidash630 piercing36203 purple background2577 simple background352493 smiling220481 socks58928 solo985206 tree28322


not provided yet


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