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safe1590031 artist:pfeffaroo75 trixie64318 pony856366 unicorn276351 crescent moon1610 featured image46 female920508 hat78079 hat off28 hooves on chest4 looking at something2311 looking up14409 lying3357 lying down11348 lying in grass71 mare422501 moon21776 night23674 on back22639 outdoors8418 smiling220481 solo985206 stars13906


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Adan Druego
Liberty Belle - Sings the song of the unchained

Trx: Starlight, star bright, fir- wait.

Trx: Starli… Huh? That's strange.

Trx: I wish, I may. I wish, I might. Receive the wish, I wish tonight. I wish it were raining peanut butter crackers.

Trx: Hmmm? Maybe I should talk to Discord about that?