T: "How the heck am I supposed to calculate the lump sum for dragon assistants as opposed to regular ones?"
S: "Wait, does that mean you're supposed to pay me?"

Had to do my own taxes this month. That shit's complicated.
But now I can finally get back to regular work
Only the month's almost over. Fuuuuu
safe1937514 artist:carnifex2377 spike86924 twilight sparkle330951 twilight sparkle (alicorn)134870 alicorn371603 dragon98900 pony1654141 accessories1385 accounting13 adding machine11 alternate hairstyle32457 bipedal40217 desk3841 duo96080 female1433449 floppy ears60320 frown27235 glare8415 glasses75185 hair bun4049 horn impalement813 horse taxes62 machine1400 male417749 mare774464 open mouth190944 paper3916 pile517 sitting75815 spread wings70560 stressed249 table11074 taxes110 this will end in sleeping5 visor913


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