just got this commission back from silfoe of pinkie pie as an alicorn for my set of mane six alicorns, and love what she did with it :D
safe1587131 artist:silfoe1542 pinkie pie208371 alicorn208247 pony853866 armor21658 awesome544 element of laughter751 elements of harmony2352 epic1331 fake gun6 female918170 flamethrower361 flugelhorn119 glock123 gun14730 mare421343 partillery172 party cannon1700 peacock feathers46 peacock tail14 pinkiecorn446 race swap13209 revolver1498 rifle3435 solo983067 team fortress 25318 unlimited pinkie works3 wallpaper18118 weapon27498 xk-class end-of-the-world scenario2252


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