Freakazoid: How Toyetic can you get!  
Joe: Toyetic’ is a word created by marketing people. It means an object or device featured in a cartoon that could easily become a mass-produced toy.
If you don’t understand the injoke here or why the pones are flipping there race here’s the back story in 2017 there was a major online leak from Hasbro hard drive and tons of WIP for the next My Little Pony G5 both in artworks and scripts and what seem to be a could be a reboot on the mane six where three of them Fluttershy as a Unicorn, Pinkie Pie as a Pegasus and Twilight as a Earth Pony. Also a huge update on Applejack as well. This may all just be a rumor or may change at anytime so take it for what it is but in the mean time just wanted to take a early shot across the bow on a satire art.
G5 LEAK INFO VIDEO - Analyzing Is Magic: MLP Generation 5 and Beyond
BTW see if anyone here can guest what’s the injoke on Princess Celestia’s shirt came from. Youtube (Wolfmother - White Unicorn)
suggestive181447 artist:atariboy2600323 applejack200249 fluttershy256675 pinkie pie254989 princess celestia112540 rainbow dash277683 rarity217070 twilight sparkle352061 twilight sparkle (alicorn)143733 alicorn400446 anthro351924 bird11717 earth pony580541 pegasus644351 unicorn632361 g568251 spoiler:g530355 12/16/1731 alcohol9261 applejack (g5)241 applejack also dresses in style233 big breasts116941 body part swap51 bottle5550 breasts366227 clothes606783 comic125714 disney princess453 dress57567 drink7575 earth pony twilight444 erect nipples15086 fluttershy (g5)265 g5 applejack drama27 g5 drama61 g5 leak1 leak1574 make equestria great again54 mane six37099 modular1448 nipple outline9879 nose picking84 parody16889 pegasus pinkie pie478 pinkie pie (g5)248 princess breastia13053 race swap19819 spoilers for another series1148 tomboy taming441 transformation14815 twilight sparkle (g5)226 unicorn fluttershy327 what have you done?!47 wolfmother1


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