Tails of Equestria

Liberty Belle - Sings the song of the unchained

I've wanted to take a crack at this ToE, which seems like an ultra simplified GURPS game, for a while now and after coming out of a year long campaign I'd like to take some time off from D&D.

I have also been rolling around ideas for a game set during the era of Discord: Celestia and Luna, who were left to protect Equis by Starswirl, have gone into hiding and vanished leaving everyone under the Lord of Chaos's thumb. After an attack on a small floating village by Discord a group of locals decide that something needs to be done and set off into the chaos twisted wastes to find the missing Princesses and convince them to liberate their home.

If a monthly Discord/Roll20 game of ToE based around this idea would interest anyone let me know and I'll put some actual work into it to make it a thing.
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