Luster Dawn's Anti-Parent Quest

Anonymous #1BFC
Someone breaks into luster's window!
"Who are you? AND WHAT DO YOU WANT?!"
Luster yelled.
"Do you really not know who i am?"
The strange creature with a black geode asked.
"You don't look like a pony! WHAT ARE YOU?"
Luster asked the strange dark blue anthro beast.
"Oh…i'm Soundtrack…the cat…and you?"
The strange feline asked.
"Oh, i'm Luster dawn…and i want to kill my parents"
Luster said.
"You want your parents dead, eh? Well…my unicorn friend Opaline can help out…just promise us one thing"
Soundtrack said.
Luster asked.
"That you make Opaline an alicorn…and i will get Twilight sparkles crown"
Soundtrack said with a sinister voice.
"Its a deal!"
Luster said. Then she asked Soundtrack a question.
"Hey, what's that you got in your hand?"
Soundtrack was eager to tell Juster.
"This is the Shadow geode. Who ever has this geode has the power of shadows"
She answered.
"Can i-"
Luster was going to ask Soundtrack if she could have the geode, but Soundtrack interrupted her.
"No. This is MY geode, and you cannot have it…but Opaline has a geode you can have…"
She told Luster.
Luster said.
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Anonymous #E21E
Meh, if I'm Luster Dawn I will probably kill myself. I mean who wants to be a boring and stupid character.
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