ITT: We Are Old

Adan Druego
Liberty Belle - Sings the song of the unchained

Back in my day, blacks, or negroes, knew how to behave themselves… at least, to some extent. It was mostly due to the fact that drawing too much (unwanted) attention to themselves, was something they were going to regret.

Sounds too racist?

Back in my day, people didn't get panic attacks, nor foam at the mouth like rabid dogs, just because they didn't like what they were hearing another say.
Anonymous #D99C
@Adan Druego
Nope people where more respectful back then they dont spit foam out of the mouth and why like the most is the lgtb community where in the closet where they belong that community is more ploblematic that is worth everything is a ploblem for them and nothing satisfy them
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