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(Neigh! Winny!) Unpopular Pony Opinion Thread!

Liberty Belle - Sings the song of the unchained

Beard of Beards
Unpopular pony opinions? Let me break out the old list…

The show deteriorated in quality beginning in season 4 when the writers, or whoever, tried to make it more cynical and inject memes and pandering to bronies knowing they have deeper pockets. They also seriously Nerfed the lore of the show by explaining everything in the laziest, lowest common denominator way possible.

Starlight Glimmer is the worst character in the show, by a lot

Power Ponies sucked

Bats sucked and AJ was obviously right and the ending was a total ass pull that retconned events from earlier that same episode

Making Daring Do a real character was one of the stupidest decisions the writers (or whoever) ever made

Making the Hearth's Warming story real, with real stupid Mane 6 dressed as different characters, and windegos, was another stupid decision

I know it was Hasbruh's decision not to have any more zebras, and that's another decision I hate. Zecora is one of my favorite characters and I'd much rather see more zebras than stupid happy merchant griffons, or jerkass dude bro dragons, cowardly tie dye bugs, or planet of violent moron big dumb animals (I don't remember what they're supposed to be, the huge hairy things from the later seasons that break shit)

Changing dragons from giant creatures that live thousands of years and hoard treasure into frat boy dude bros was a stupid decision

The pillars were a shit decision

Making Crazy Glue a villain sucked

The Student 6 was an easy excuse to squeeze out another two seasons by repeating the same exact lessons the Mane 6 learned 3 times already because the writers ran out of ideas

That's it for now, I don't want to make this too long.
Liberty Belle - Sings the song of the unchained

- I have never liked the Student Six. Weak characters with very cliché plots episodes, She's All Yak was a bit painful to watch.
- The princesses' retirement was a shit decision.
- Little Strongheart is a way better character than most dragons and yaks.
- Capper has to be one of the most generic kind of character I've ever seen.
- The third season was lame.
Liberty Belle - Sings the song of the unchained

Beard of Beards

- The princesses' retirement was a shit decision.

The princesses are immortal, what are they supposed to do for the rest of forever?

For that matter, what happened after Twilight got her wings when we were explicitly told that she would not outlive her friends? On the last episode we clearly see all her friends are old but Twi has just gotten tall awkward looking but has otherwise not aged a day. And what is Discord going to do when Fluttershy — the one being in the universe he likes and the only reason he's not misbehaving — dies?
Fleur de Lis
Liberty Belle - Sings the song of the unchained

Equárum cónfutuit.
Season 1 is only consistently good season, even though all the other seasons have higher highs.

I hate how the last two seasons replace one of most unique fantasy settings with the same half-assed, and ironically extremely racist, racism allegories as can be seen literally anywhere.

There shouldn't have been an epilogue.
Anonymous #B6F0
I don't see anything incorrect here at all.

@Fleur de Lis
The worst thing about Neighsay is they try to paint him as an irrational racist, but everything he says is correct; the student six do nearly destroy the school and kill people on parents day and their parents immediate response is to threaten violence (except Thorax, who is a giant wimp instead).

My unpopular opinions:
1) Twilight becomeing an Alicorn was the only way for the story to go; it was poorly handled and they never commited to the idea (makeing the other imortals less instead of telling stories on a bigger scale) so over all it was a pointless move as they just re-ajusted the universe so the status quo was maintained. That all said, Twilight achiveing ultimate enlightment, finding the missing peice in her philosopy and ascending to a higher state of being was the only way the story could of gone, but they should of commited to a larger scale of story telling and the story haveing a more mystic philosophical undertone with her new Godhood.

2) The rest of the Main 6 should of become Alicorns as well, There would of course been a season of Twilight the Protagnist getting used to operating on a larger scale, but eventually either her friends joined her or they became some sort of hightened being in some sense so they could all operate on the same level or they would have to bow out of the series.
Anonymous #3438
Aint sure if this is unpopular or not, but:

-I wish there were more big adventures with good scenery and whatnot and would have liked to see more of the world and its inhabitatnts
-I wish there was more of babs and bloom/crusaders
-I wish there was more slice of life with the princesses
-I wish there was more screentime for the princesses
-The tantabus seemed ooc for luna IMO
-I do not like bugbutt
-I liked MMDW and could see dash letting the attention get in her head
-28 Pranks was painful to watch and was a bad flanderisation of rainbow
-I wish they didn't turn appul into a moron and stereotypical hick
-Twilicorn was palatable
-Earlier season musicals (1-3 and maybe some later ones) are some of the best episodes
-Butterthighs is annoying and mostly useless
-Butterthighs seems to be less kind in later season (or my memory is failing and I need to rewatch)
-CMC's cutiemarks are copouts they should have gone with what was foreshadowed in earlier seasons
-Spike episodes are trash and could have made much better use of his character
-I like glim glam but most of her criticism is not unwarranted nor false
-I dont like twi in the later seasons too much because she seems too neurotic
-Pharynx is the only good/sane beetlebugdeerponything besides ocellus (but I havent watched all of S9 yet)
-Dragons have a bad case of tsun they look bad and are not nearly as interesting as they were in S1
-Flurry heart was a horrible addition lore-wise and was annoying (alicorn OCs should not be canon)
-Sombra sounded like a prima donna faggot in S9
-Appul turned into a BGP
-I like ponko even tho she is flanderised into a screeching retard sometimes (fav poner in earlier seasons)
I dont like the beginning of MLP:Discovery S8 because of the dumb politics
-Earlier seasons (even season 3) seem to have more effort and care put in compared to later seasons
-EQG is shit and the only redeeming factor is some of the fan art
-Flashlight was meh but the screeching was funny
-Tying ponyland to EQG was dumb
Pony Titans Go Pony Life is complete dogshit

Tis all I can think of for now
Bad engrish cause tired and cannot into caring about it
Twi Clown

I'll rule the world
I don't like scitwishimmer. I'd rather have sunsetsparkle with the princess.

Or including flash as a trio because he needs more love.
Liberty Belle - Sings the song of the unchained (in the shower)

Some of these might not be unpopular at all but whatever

1. I don't mind the later seasons of FIM and I actually liked a lot of the episodes from Seasons 4 onwards. Call me a Hasdrone or someone with no quality control standards whatsoever but goddammit do I love my ponies way too much to care. Although I am aware that there are a couple of episodes that are weak or even awful.
2. Season 5 is best season, Season 6 is worst season and Season 2 is overrated.
3. I love the Student Six and I wish they had more time to shine. They were also the only good thing to come out of the Friendshop School idea which sucked. Smolder is best student IMO.
4. The Pillars and the Equal Four were completely wasted and they should've been used more! It still pisses me off that they were wasted opportunity.
5. SugarMac and BlueTrix sucks
6. Starlight Glimmer is best pony, no ifs ands or buts about it. On that note, she should've gotten more episodes that didn't rely on the same formula of her getting angry and learning a lesson
7. I don't mind the CMC's cutie marks but I think they could've been a bit more creative with them
8. I'm glad that EQG isn't canon towards FIM because having a universe with weirdly colored and oddly proportioned humans be canon to a universe with colorful horses just sounds bizarre. That and I don't care for EQG either way.
9. Flurry Heart was the worst addition to the show and she should've never been created
10. Princess Luna, Derpy, Lyra and Bon Bon and a couple of fandom favorite OC's are all overrated
11. Discord used to be a good character until they turned him into a whiny bitch who cried when he didn't get what he wanted disguised as a "mentor"
12. King Sombra is best antagonist and I'm still salty that he had to be killed off
13. My last one and the one that I'm probably gonna get so much shit for: I didn't mind that the Villainous Trio didn't get reformed and got turned to stone and I loved the epilogue, a great way to end the series.

Damn, guess I'm the opposite of people here it looks like with my opinions. :V
Twi Clown

I'll rule the world

So do I, even if the songs were pretty cheesy in hindsight. I'm grateful that what really made the deal with me were the antics of the heroes trying to get the crown and reconciling.
Liberty Belle - Sings the song of the unchained

Beard of Beards
@Twi Clown
I liked the first EQG best of the lot.

Maybe it was boosted by the circumstances at the time, and I think it was, but I think the original EQG had a better story and more of what I look for in a pony movie.
Anonymous #23E8
I liked Rainbow Blaze and Fire Fly as Dash's parents more than Bow Hothoof and Windy Whistles. I especially miss the Rainbow Blaze as a single father headcanons that the fans came up with.

While I'm at it, Parental Glidance implied that Dash's insecurities and need for praise and attention stem from her parents smothering her with unwanted and excessive praise, only to side with them at the end of the episode without a hint of self-awareness or acknowledgement of it. (I personally think the implications were either an accident or they were the focus in an earlier draft and whoever edited down the script didn't take those out when they changed the conclusion of the episode.)
Adan Druego
Liberty Belle - Sings the song of the unchained


I like Starlight Glimmer.
I'm fine with Twilight becoming a princess.
I like Discord.
I ship heterosexual pairings only.
I ship incestuous pairings, heterosexuals only again.
To clarify I prefer heterosexual relationships, but I'll include non-heterosexual pairings, like Lyra and BonBon, since they're canon and obvious. I just don't pair two same-sex characters together, myself. But if writing a story of BonBon, then she's definitely paired with Lyra and the same for Scootaloo's aunts.
I like Princess Cadence.
Wait! I just realized, I ship Princest, too!
I ship Silverstream with her brother, Terramar!
I don't like GallStream.
I'm fine with ShiningSparkle as long as Cadance is fine with it.
Liberty Belle - Sings the song of the unchained

Beard of Beards
All the male characters in the show are worse than useless. They cause problems by existing and are too stupid to realize it.

Spike exists to be abused and we're supposed to laugh at his misery.
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