G5 discussion thread

Anonymous #D60A
I would not be surprisd if there is calls for a boycott of the show for them putting a cop in it.
Anonymous #77CE
No, but apparently it's so long that our beloved ponies are apparently dead and gone, however long that would take. Considering their age, it could be a couple of decades, or maybe even a century or a few. Also, there's no more magic. So that's. Ugh. Yeah.
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@Anonymous #77CE
So at least Equestria didn't start collapsing as the credits rolled on the last episode. Still, the idea that the book opened in 2010 just to build up to Twilight taking over and running Equestria into the ground is really bitter.
Anonymous #45D8
I wonder what, if anything, G5 is going to say about all of the immortal creatures.

You can also tell they're going to restore magic to the world by the end of the movie if you've been looking at the promotional art. The CGI models don't have cutie marks, but the 2D prints of the mane 3(?) do.
Anonymous #77CE
@Anonymous #45D8
I am 77CE.
Well, at least the magic will come back. Still feel kind of hung out to dry tbh and am just generally hurt by the entire premise of this generation actually. I'll try my best to enjoy it but I have the feeling it's going to be hard for me.
Anonymous #9675
@Anonymous #6A48
So of the reasons for being genuinely upset at Gen 5's connection with Gen 4 already coming to fruition. The magic of friendship literally didn't grow. What the hell can be more bitter and insulting to her and by extension all of G4 than that?
Anonymous #45D8
Same. I'm not sure how I feel yet about G5 still being set in G4's universe, but at least Hasbro isn't just setting the Mane Six back to zero and restarting the series.

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The end result of the role Faust filled being occupied by a woman whose past experience was being a marketing exec for Disney. I give it two seasons before it either capsizes or a mad crossover between /mlp/ and /biz/ happens that results in a Coke vs. Pepsi feud backed by Mattel.
Anonymous #D327
That's depressing. She wasn't the same twaggot as in the beginning, but she still deserved better. All that build up for nothing. Even her legacy was destroyed. I really hope it turns out better than wat it looks.
Anonymous #BCB9
Some people started the theory that hitch is LGBT or sunny because the idea of losing a waifu.
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